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Full Version: Penelope
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I just have to share this awesome photo my friend took of the doe I sold her as a bottle baby!  Penelope is a 1 1/2 year old Mini Alpine.  Jessica and Penelope are inseparable.  If Jess asks something of her, Penelope does all she can to comply.  What a gorgeous holiday photo!  Penelope is bred to a Mini Alpine buck and will kid in April.

This is an AMAZING picture! If it's high res enough you should crop it to landscape format and submit it next year for the calendar contest. It's incredible. If it were my photo it would be this year's Christmas card.
Yes, epic photograph. And the goat sounds like an awesome goat too. The only thing to make it a merrier Christmas photo would be to have the Krampus standing next to her!
Great pic! Charlie Horse, ha ha!
Lovely pic. What's a Krampus?