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Full Version: fencing for sale
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I have 3 120' lengths of the portable net electric fencing I am selling for a friend. It had been used as a temporary pasture divider for a dairy goat herd. The lady gave $175 for each roll and wants $100 each now. There was 7 rolls to begin with and I am taking 2 and another person is taking 2 (at this time-there actually might be 1 more available). There is no charger with these but I believe Harbor Freight has the solar chargers for $65. If interested please PM me and I can get more info to you.
hummm this perked my interest. And seeing how we will be meeting up soon, would be an easy trade for Lincoln. If you havent gotten rid of it by the time we meet up, bring it with ya if you can. OH and any idea on the herds CL or Johnes status?
If you mean my herd, all tested all clean. Would definitely be up for a trade. Then I could just pay her. At this point I'm shooting for the last Saturday in March. My friend in Wasco is in foaling season now so she is home as much as goat people with kidding season!
Was talking about the other ladies herd Smile Where the fencing came from.
Absolutely. She was nearly anal about her animals health and welfare. My dairy does came from her herd. I wonder if, to make sure, the rolled up fence could be dipped in a cleansing solution to make sure? Overkill? Is there some way to check the fence for that?

You know, I should've known you were talking about her herd! Darn cold meds. I hate having a cold. Messes with my brain.
If you still have some left, I'd pick one up at the Rendy. Not worth the fuel to drive over to save a fee bucks.
Might spray it with some bleach but other then that, should be ok. Go ahead and pass on your extra roll to Joe. The more I think about it, I just dont take Legion out anywhere enough to warrant getting it. That and I dont have a solar charger.
I could send you some money to hold it till the Rendy.

Dave, thanks. I didn't know it was gone already. If you need it it's fine too.
Na Joe, I just liked the idea of it. But I dont foresee it getting used anytime soon. Better to pass it Smile
There are 3 rolls available and I can hold them. There is supposed to be 2 rolls with slight damage to a couple strands but I think my husband's son took those. I haven't rolled them out yet with the crazy ass weather we're having, but once I get those ID'd she was asking $75 each for those two. The wind and sideways rain is supposed to let up Saturday so I can see if those are the one's he took. Seems more like the coast range than the high desert here the last few days with all the wet and wild. The poor old Juniper tree in front of the house is running out of limbs to fall off!
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