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Full Version: access??
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I tried to respond to a thread and am told I dont have authority to reply.

Whats going on?

I see your post just fine. I think I even saw your comment about it on another thread. Granted they are showing up as being posted yesterday. So thats kinda odd
I responded to the other post earlier before I saw this one. I'm seeing them posted today, about 12:45 MST. Is anyone besides Dave seeing Jake's posts with yesterday's date? That's kinda weird.
Ok... just had a bit of insight from Phil about the posting problem. Seems that our web host uses some sort of filter to check for spam posts and certain words can set it off and give you that error. It just happened to me with my Pac-Man post a few minutes ago because I had the word "Penicil.lin" in it. I changed the post by dropping one "L" and suddenly it allowed me to post my comment. Apparently the dumb program thinks I'm posting pharmaceutical spam. So I suggest going over your post and seeing if there are any words you think might trigger a spam alert to the website, edit them, then post again.

Also, I'm moving this over to Support. Hope you can find it.
Yesterday, 11:43 PM is when it says he posted his post here. That is cut and pasted
Now that just sounds like a bug!
yep, nothing to worry about