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It looks like I may be arranging a packgoat clinic at our local REI!  I need your best photos showing your goats in all types of terrain.  If you have a good photo showing a child riding a goat that would be great, too.  Help please!
[Image: rain_08.jpg]

[Image: 040_wild_shelby_01.jpg]

[Image: 230_goblin_legit_01.jpg]

I'm afraid mine are just getting old enough to carry packs so I have a lot of pictures of goats, but not so many with goats carrying packs.
What a wonderful idea!  Which REI will you be doing this at?

I think I already posted some of mine in an earlier thread of yours. Let me know if I didn't or you can't find them though.
(10-29-2015, 01:13 PM)Saph Wrote: [ -> ]What a wonderful idea!  Which REI will you be doing this at?

The Kennewick, WA store.

I was in REI picking up a couple things yesterday.  They have a board at the front of the store as you walk in the door that says they will be closed on Black Friday and asking what you'll be doing on Black Friday.  There was fishing, camping and hiking written on the board.  I wrote goatpacking and a couple of the employees started asking me questions.  They were really interested and wanted me to bring some photos in to post on the board.  I offered to do a class on goatpacking.  They gave me the email for the person to contact and I emailed them.  I am waiting to hear back from them.

I think a class on goatpacking is a natural for REI.  It fits right in with thier customer base.

If I hear back they want me to do a class I'll round up the local goatpackers so we can have goats, different types of equipment and more folks than me to answer questions.  I think it is a great opportunity to reach like minded outdoorsy people.  Even if they don't become goatpackers they'll have a better understanding of goatpacking, know something about it when they run across goatpackers on the trail and maybe, just maybe, be vocal about supporting goatpacking in our national forests.
These are some of my favorites. REI is not a place you find elk hunters. You may want to delete that one.
I took a photo Charlie Horse had taken when we were hiking the San Rafael Swell last month (that showed both horned and disbudded goats in gear) in to REI today.  When I walked up to the register with the photo the cashier shouted, "You're the goatpacking lady!"  3 other employees came right over.  They were excited to have a photo and immediately wrote goatpacking on it and taped it to the board.

Keep adding your favorite photos to this thread.  I'll have a huge poster made of them for display during the class!

IdahoNancy - I'm using the hunting photo.  It's just one more thing packgoats can do!

I honestly believe anyone who has an REI within driving distance should go into the store and post goatpacking on the board with a photo.  It's great PR for goatpacking and maybe you can offer to give a class, too!

Almost forgot my avatar. Caught the autumn colors in this decent off the hill.
I may have to get an Ober for my next packgoat. Their coloring is striking with the foilage!
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