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Full Version: Kiko/Nubian cross?
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What are your thoughts on a kiko/Nubian cross wether. Dad was full kiko mom full Nubian. I've read Nubians are a lazy goat but the guy I'm looking to buy this 6 month old from said he's more like his dad. 

Just like some insight before I commit to buy him for $65
Nice thing about a 6 month old is you can get a feel for his character. You should spend some time with the goat. Go for a walk, play with him. See how he does in new situations. It is not the $65 you have to loose it is the time, frustration and heart ache of getting a goat who does not want to go with you on adventures. Size and strength are great but you need a willing attitude. I think you can see that or lack of it in a 6 month old.
Well said, Nancy.

With any animal the purchase price is irrelevant compared to the cost to care for it for the many years of service it will give you. Around here $65 is below meat market prices!
I don't mind putting some time into it to fill him out. I know I can always get my money part back out of him. I just wasn't sure if it was a waste of time with him being half Nubian. The guy will be getting me pics of him tomorrow so that will be a start. He's 2 hours away is the only downside at this point. Wish I could drive across town to check him out.
Don't discount him because he's 1/2 Nubian. It's wrong to stereotype a breed when each animal has an individual personality. That cross should be heck for stout!
I have a lot of Nubian crosses and none of them are lazy, but one of them is loud and he's the one that's a little more Nubian than Alpine. Has the one you're looking at had much handling? If so, the owner will know if he's loud or if he has a lazy or nervous personality. If he hasn't been handled very much then it may be a coin toss whether he turns out well or not--but that can go for any breed.
Well I bought the goat. He looks like a full kiko. I saw his dad and he was only 1.5 year and a stout tough bugger. His mom didn't look anything like a Nubian to me. She was all white and had shorter alpine size ears. No long floppy ears. He is a bit wild and doesn't want much to do with people. ( I think the guys kids roped him ) but I saw a ton of potential and I was willing to give him a go. I got him home and I could tell he felt a bit lost being with 3 other goats his size. My two alpine/Saanen brothers let him know who ruled the house even though I think he could woop them all if he wanted. The craziest part was this morning I was headed out duck hunting early and I through some hay out for them. I went in my greenhouse to water some plants and when I came out that kiko was stnding there on the wrong side of the fence. I had know idea how he did his magic trick so I put him back. I got home about noon and my wife says your new goat has got out 3 times today. I ask did you see how or were? I asked her how she got him back in the pin and she said he would jump onto the feed bin and back over the fence. I was like wow that cool but there really isn't an obstacle on the goats side for him to climb up and over. So I let me 3 goats out and he stayed back as I closed the gate. Then the bugger showed me his trick. He crouched down like a cat and jumped the 5' gate. I was blown away. He's not quite 6 months yet. So I got to do some fixing and some research on breaking this guy in.

Anyone have suggestions on gaining trust with a skidish goat?
Congrats on your new purchase! The mother definitely wasn't Nubian if she had short, straight ears!

It can be really hard to break a goat of jumping fences like that. How hard would it be to add higher fencing? If you add more fence to the top, you might want to incline it inwards to make it harder for him to get over. You'll have to make sure it's not wire or something that he could get tangled in should he still attempt to go over. Our goat Cuzco jumped fences for a while so I had to tether him in the middle of the yard where he couldn't quite reach the fence on any side. Eventually I was able to build a higher fence, and I think he also just lost the desire to jump out when he realized the yard was his home, and also that there wasn't anything all that interesting on the other side. The only times Cuzco jumped out after we raised the fence were two times when a bear walked by outside the pen, and once when a neighbor's dog crawled under the gate. So I know he was still able to clear the higher fence, but the desire to leave the yard "just because" had left him. Maybe your new fellow will quit jumping once he makes friends with your other goats.

Good luck!
I was able to add some 2x6 boards to the fence and he's now staying put. He's even started to settle in and let's me a bit closer when I have treats. I really enjoy him and he's a good looking goat. Not sure how to post pics but I'll try
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