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Full Version: San Rafael Swell & Goblin Valley in Utah
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this really makes me want to travel to utah someday
Charlie Horse - if I'd noticed those HUGE sand worms (I watched the movie Tremors!) I would have screamed and run the other way!  Thank goodness they didn't have an appetite for goats or people while we were there!

As for the back of your shirt - are you SURE you don't want everyone to know what was all over the back of it? Tongue
We got back tonight from our trip to Escalante. What an awesome vacation!! I'm sure I'll be posting my San Rafael photos in the next few days. I took waaayyyy too many pictures on this trip!

We swung back by the Swell yesterday on our way home and hiked partway up Little Wild Horse Canyon. It was incredible! But it was also very popular and quite narrow in spots, so it was a good thing we didn't try to do that one last week when we had the whole group of us with nine goats!

Those sand worms in Goblin Valley were something else! One tried to eat Cuzco, but he was so tough and grizzled that it spat him right back out. Tongue
I thought I'd post my photos of Herb's goats here in his thread. I got a few good ones. Wink

Woodstock shows off his awesome packgoat skills.

Woodstock is a down-to-earth kinda guy, but Bacchus is such a cool dude he almost needs a pair of shades! 

Vincent van Goat proves he's a cool dude too! 
Bacchus leads the way!

Herb the goat-herding baby carrier! 

Vincent van Goat vanquishes Sputnik and claims the rock as his own!

Nice angle Herb!  

There's something incredible about viewing the trail between a goat's horns.

Bacchus and Shelby GT look back to survey the terrain they conquered at the close of the day. 
Charlie Horse (Herb) how was the view from your "special angle" photo?   Tongue
Its the unmentioned reason most people want their pack goats to follow *behind* them.
No post about the San Rafael trip would be complete without photos of Captain Morgan! This little cutie of Taffy's was the darling of the whole event.  

Look at those chubby chipmunk cheeks!

"Helloooo down there!" 

"This might have been a mistake." 

Eldon to the rescue! 

Airplane ears are the bestest! 


I always enjoy the photos in these kinds of posts. Looks like a blast! I love Cap. Morgan's markings and Bachus and the crew are nice looking stringSmile
Excellent photos of Captain Morgan, Nanno!  He is such an awesome boy I decided to buy his 1/2 brother, Kahlua (same sire-different dam).  Yeah, I know......

Here are a couple photos of Kahlua from last week.  I'll pick him up Monday.  I don't get home from Boise until late Sunday.

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