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Full Version: testing images
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Hey, just so ya'll know, Phil updated the website (hence the slightly new look) and he also made it so we can post full-sized photographs and the website will adjust the size automatically. Just in time too--I'm eager to see all those awesome Rendy photos! Yay Phil!
Might I suggest changing the blue back ground color to white. The blue on blue is a little hard to read the text
Y'all may need to press the refresh button a couple of times to get the site to re-load proper for you the first time.

I fear change. It causes things to be.... different.

I notice the avatar pictures appear after the "email, PM, Website, Find" line, causing them to hover out there awkwardly. Seems like there should be a <br> to set them to the far left.

Its a little weird how in this format everyone seems to be crowding in on one giant post. I'm in the same box as other people w/o the divider or colored box.
Hmm... I'm not seeing what ya'll are describing. Can you post a screenshot?
Nevermind guys. Suddenly the format has completely changed and looks great.
Oh good. It looked weird on my computer yesterday too until Phil made me refresh a few times.